Xhud (ʃuːt)

Energising and immersive performance inspired by emotions and space in a cosy and intimate setting.

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Xhud (ʃuːt) is a cross-over project combining live painting with emotional and rhythmic improvised music. The word Xhud is taken from the Maltese language, meaning - observer or witness and has been the main inspiration for the music and the visuals as we describe retrospective emotional and intellectual experiences.

The group has performed at various festivals and intimate concerts including Aarhus Jazz Festival '21, Vinter Jazz '21, Supernova Jazz Blast '21 as well as Jazzdanmark's Jazzkonkurrencen making it to the finals at the iconic Jazzhus Montmartre, CPH.

Glen Montanaro (MT) - Guitar
Anders Bak Julsgaard (DK) - Drums
Jan Sedlak (CZ) - Bass
Mathilde Bistrup (DK) - Visual art


Xhud (ʃuːt) er et projekt, der bevæger sig på tværs af kunstarter, hvor rytmisk, emotionel, improviseret musik kombineres med live maleri. Ordet Xhud er taget fra Glens modersmål, maltesisk, og betyder vidne. Tanken om vidnet har været den ledende inspiration i projektets søgen efter at beskrive emotionelle og intellektuelle oplevelser retrospektivt. Guppen har optrådt ved forskellige festivaller og intimkoncerter, herunder Aarhus Jazz Festival '21, Vinter Jazz '21, Supernova Jazz Blast '21 samt Jazzdanmarks Jazzkonkurrencen, hvor gruppen havde glæden af at deltage i finalen på det ikoniske Jazzhus Montmartre i København.

Glen Montanaro (MT) - Guitar
Anders Bak Julsgaard (DK) -Trommer

Jan Sedlak (CZ) - Bas

Mathilde Bistrup (DK) - Visuel kunst


The concept of the group had long existed before the group ever met. Rather, it was a means or a state for composing through experience and observation of that which we perceive as internal or external to our beings.

Starting as a recording session during lockdown, the band formed and started recording pieces composed by Glen during his previous travels in Europe. The period in which the project came to fruition, gave the group time to refine the elements required in bringing such ideas to life on the visual and audio elements.

The idea of working with visual artists was a topic of exploration long before this project and the group went through multiple iterations until settling on a more hands-on approach to the combination of the two mediums.

Xhud EP